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Hannah, 19, Australia.

All i’ve done since I got home from work was study nek minit it’s 10:30 and now I have to get ready for bed and then work and then driving lesson and then uni and then study and then sleep again and and and and and 

Dat feel when you find a reference for your assignment that supports EXACTLY what you’re trying to say and the reference is real legit not like some wikipedia shit and you know you’re tutor is gonna read your essay and be like dayummm this girl knows her SHIT

please god let me feel better tomorrow :””( i can’t even concentrate on watching veep

I feel like someone has kicked me in the head, throat and then a bus ran over me. Being sick sucks when you have 10 billion assignments and you can’t concentrate on any of them because you can’t even swallow without all da pain from the enlarged tonsils. Yesterday was the worst day of my life seriously if you told me what your worst day was I could probably beat it. I am staying in my bed now for the next three days goodbye social interaction 😢